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Partial optional randomized response technique with calibration weighting to adjust non-response in successive sampling
Communications for Statistical Applications and Methods 2021;28:493-510
Published online September 30, 2021
© 2021 Korean Statistical Society.

Kumari Priyanka1,a, Pidugu Trisandhyab , Ajay Kumarb

aDepartment of Mathematics, Shivaji College (University of Delhi), India
bDepartment of Mathematics, University of Delhi, India
Correspondence to: 1 Department of Mathematics, Shivaji College (University of Delhi), New Delhi 110 027, India. priyanka.ism@gmail.com
Received March 19, 2021; Revised May 4, 2021; Accepted June 8, 2021.
The present article endeavours to develop partial optional randomized - response technique (PORT) to deal with sensitive issues in presence of non-response in successive sampling. Calibration techniques have been embedded with PORT to estimate sensitive population mean at current move in two move successive sampling in presence of non-response. Optimum calibration weights are computed at each move with the aid of constraints based on auxiliary information. Detailed properties of the proposed estimators have been discussed. Possible cases in which non-response may creep at two moves has been explored. The proposed technique has been compared with the modified existing technique. Simulation results indicate that the proposed technique is more ecient than existing, modified one. Suitable recommendations are forwarded.
Keywords : partial optional randomized-response technique, sensitive variable, successive moves, calibration estimators, non-response, population mean, auxiliary information